Meta-Hg working group

Background: Created in July 2020, the Meta-Hg working group aims to promote best practices for the detection of Hg-cycling genes in environmental metagenomes. We have three main tasks:

Task 1: Compiling an up-to-date catalogue of Hg-cycling genes. A first version of this catalogue - focusing on hgcAB genes - has been released in January 2021 (Gionfriddo et al. 2021). We are planning to add merA and merB genes.

Task 2 : Establishing a consensus protocol to detect, count and taxonomically identified Hg-cycling genes from environmental metagenomes. A manuscript focusing on hgcAB genes in currently in preparation (Capo et al, in prep, see poster for OSM2022 conference).

Task 3 : Applying the consensus protocol to publicly available metagenomes to unravel the biogeography of Hg-cycling microorganims in the global ocean. Not started yet.

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